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Bears vs. Sea Chickens Open Thread

I have a pretty good feeling about this one especially if Fuller and the D can get their heads out of their butts for the entire game, not just the first half.  Bears by 7 and your faithful “fire everybody” crew will be there!

Predictions for 2018, Khalil Mack and Bears/Slack Open Thread

Well, its been a while since there was a post here due to busy lives.  But its football season and time for the Bears to shine!  Or suck, depending on your point of view.

So, Khalil Mack!  We love this pickup here at Fire Everybody for one simple reason.  We have had so many busts in recent years in the draft that it doesn’t really matter.  Even the BEST NFL teams at drafting only have half of those players on the team after just a few years so why not get a proven talent if you can afford it.

Does this make the Bears a playoff contender?  I do think so.  I had them set at 8-8 this year, but the addition of Mack is a big deal.  Is 10-6 out of the question?

In my opinion, it is all up to our guy tittiess.

If he plays well we will make it.  If not, nope.  And he doesn’t even have to be Aaron Rodgers – all he has to do is NOT LOSE and we will be fine.  I think Mitch will be in a good position to succeed as I don’t think Nagy is as stupid as some of our previous coaches and won’t put tittiess in a position to fail like so many other Bears qbs in the past.

Also, we had a good defense BEFORE the addition of Mack so this will help with things like field position.

Vegas doubts that the Bears are worth a crap with the Packers sitting at 7.5 point favorites, a massive spread in the NFL.

Projected Wins for Bears in 2018

Las Vegas has spoken… after the end of free agency and the 2018 draft, and provided their projected win shares by team right here.  I’ll spare you the drama and let’s look at the NFC North

  • Green Bay Packers – 10
  • Minnesota Vikings – 10
  • Detroit Lions – 8
  • Chicago Bears – 6.5

Now the first problem we have as Bears fans is that the NFC North might be the best division in football, at least in terms of projected wins for the total division.  This sucks for us.  Obviously there is some logic and Las Vegas is a heartless place only in it for making money…

  • The Packers arguably have the best QB in football when Rogers isn’t hurt.  It is pretty bold projecting 10 wins for an otherwise not-great team hoping that your QB is back to full strength but Vegas is giving him the benefit of the doubt. Our fantasy here at Fire Everybody is that Green Bay gives Rogers a monster guaranteed contract and then he is hurt or just a fraction of himself (think Eli Manning or Joe Flacco… it is better if he just soldiers on as a shell of his former self) and then they are saddled with an albatross deal
  • Then you have the Vikings, which put it all together and have a ton of young talent and made it all the way to the NFC title game (hey they should have lost vs the Saints but losing later in the playoffs is just sweeter for us at Fire Everybody).  Now they have placed their complete faith in Kirk Cousins and shipped off their entire cast of former QB’s and gave him a guaranteed contract to boot.  Like the Packers we hope that Vikings fans look back at that monster contract the same way they look at the Christian Ponder pick ha ha
  • And then there is Detroit, who formerly had the highest paid QB in the game with Stafford (still way, way up there), a guy who has won absolutely nothing of note but makes up for it in garbage time and fantasy football stats.  Hoping for nothing but the worst for them now that they picked up New England defensive coordinator who ended the season absolutely getting lit up by the Eagles so hopefully he starts up 2018 picking up on the down note where he ended last year

The Bears are a total crap shoot when looking at performance.  Last year we brought zero innovation from ancient Fox and his coordinators on offense and fielded what is likely the worst crop of NFL receivers (all in) in the modern era.  So now we’ve totally re vamped everything in free agency (and a bit of the draft) with a new coach (who was an offensive coordinator for a few games) and a focus on offensive weapons for Trubisky.

So who the hell knows.  I feel that the Bears will be better than last year (we can’t be worse coached and our receivers literally cannot perform at a lower level) but sadly enough we need to be better relative to our competitors and not the absolute standards as a football team.

My (sad) 2 cents is about 5-6 wins if I was betting.  I think we will be better but hell Rogers is back and our main competitors for 6 of our 16 games (our division) will likely drive about a 1-5 record for the bears.  So then you are about 4-6 or 5-5 (even!) against the rest of the teams we play.

So I guess that means I’m saying the under on 6.5… that’s as a rational person.

But as a fan I want them to win all the games, and I want our divisional rivals to fall into a bottomless well of despair.  It just doesn’t seem that likely next year…