About This Site

This site is created by Chicago Bears fans, for Chicago Bears fans.

We want the Chicago Bears to win and live up to the great past history of the franchise as well as the hopes and dreams of sports fans in the great city of Chicago and the state of Illinois, and those that have emigrated elsewhere but still retain their loyalty.

This site was originally set up to focus specifically on Ron Turner, our completely inept offensive coordinator, who has a career of utter failure with the University of Illinois football program as well as the Chicago Bears, thus twice punishing the fans of these two programs. Ron AVERAGES in the bottom 20% when compared to his peers, over 17+ years of coaching in a variety of locations. It is incomprehensible to all of us how he is continually offered employment when his history is so comprehensively futile. To make this even more frustrating, every decade or so the offense comes out of its shell and hits it big for about half the season (such as when the Illini made the Sugar Bowl, or when the Bears got to the Super Bowl in 2006), only to fall apart in the critical, big game. This brief showing seems to gain him another 8-10 years of futility back to his historical norm.

Now Ron has moved on to the Stanford Cardinal Indianapolis Colts  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Florida International University the Carolina Panthers as offensive coordinator receivers quarterbacks coach head coach coaching consultant. We will welcome the Cardinal Colts  Bucs Golden Panthers Panthers fans and their frustration with Ron’s predictable play calling, inability to tailor his game plan to take advantage of talent on hand or the opponent’s intentions, and general ineptness.

Ron bolted from the Stanford Cardinal without even (badly) calling a play (much to the dismay of all Pac Ten fans that don’t cheer for Stanford) and somehow sneaked onto the Colt’s Bucs NFL offensive staff Florida International campus Panthers staff. Our slight revenge as Bears fans for the 2006 Super Bowl loss was to hand the Colts fans Ron. While as Bear zealots we have no love for the ColtsBucs Golden Panthers Panthers, we will make an exception and gladly allow the Colts Bucs Golden Panther Panther fans to come here for the purpose of commiserating about how terrible Ron is.

Ron was finally fired from the Bears after the 2009 season, the third in a row where the Bears failed to make the playoffs. To Ron’s credit, he was better than the absolutely inept offensive coordinators he replaced, Shea and Shoop. But this only shows the Bears overall inability to select coaches of any sort, or have a GM strategy.

That is why we now are focusing on firing the entire Bears management team, which includes

Jerry Angelo, GM
Lovie Smith, Head Coach
Mike Martz, Offensive Coordinator
Rod Marinelli, Defensive Coordinator
Mike Tice, Offensive Coordinator
Phil Emery, GM
Marc Trestman, Head Coach
Aaron Kromer, Offensive Coordinator
Mel Tucker, Defensive Coordinator
Ted Phillips, President
Ryan Pace, GM
John Fox – Head Coach
Matt Nagy – Head Coach
Vic Fangio – Defensive Coordinator
Mark Helfrich – Offensive Coordinator
Their offenses are legion; terrible draft picks (we do like the Cutler trade, but other than that, misery), languid leadership even while the team is getting blown out, and a general feeling that failure is OK and doesn’t require any aggressive actions to right the ship. Watching talent leave Chicago and thrive elsewhere (too many to name, but highlights are Benson and Jones) is also a punch in the gut. On top of this is a lack of innovation – about the last thing the Bears invented was the “T Formation”, just like in the fight song.

We are keeping the “fireronturner.net” URL and also directing traffic here from “firemikemartz.com”firemiketice.comfiremarctrestman.com fireryanpace.net and firejohnfox.net fireaaronkromer.com. We are building on the same crew that helps us keep our spirits up – we aren’t the only ones raging from the cheap non PSL seats, and we appreciate all of our regular commenters.

FIRE THE FIVE HEADED MONSTER of Angelo Emery, Lovie, Martz, Tice and Marinelli Trestman, Fox, Nagy, Helfrich, Tucker, Pace, Fangio and Phillips Kromer!

22 responses to “About This Site

  1. Dan from Washington State

    I agree with the founders of this website, Ron Turner should be out of there. Has anyone noticed that Benson is doing a great deal better with Cincinnati? Of course you all must have noticed that Orton is doing quite well with Denver. Hmmm . . . I wonder why offensive players seem to leave Chicago and do better? Could it be that the Bears Offensive Coordinator is not really a very good coach and tends to be unimaginative? One would have thought that the Bears organization would have figured that out a long time ago, like after Grossman had his difficulties (during the Bears run to the Super Bowl). I would have thought for sure they would have showed him the door. I’m wondering if the reason Turner is still around is because he has a friend high up in the organization that insures Turner stays. I would so like to see the Bears get an offensive coordinator who could really turn the Bears offense into a powerhouse.

  2. Agreed that it is a punch in the face that offensive players who failed here (taking down our playoff and even super bowl chances with them) thrive elsewhere.

    Here at this site that is just one more reason of a long litany of reasons of why Turner has to go.

    As for how the heck he’s stayed here this long… we have no clue.

  3. Ron Turner should ‘ve been fired years ago!!! His play calling and decision making is beyond horrible!! When you have Jonny knox running a 4.3, Devin Hester 4.2, not to mention Earl Bennett a 4.5, Thats TOP SPEED!!!! RON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! send a fly pattern up the field in every pass play, weather they catch it or not. Spread the offense out, use garrett wolfe for screens, tosses etc. Are you DUMB or STUPID Ron Turner??? pick one!. People you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be a Offensive coordinator, you just have to know your players, and defenses and read hash marks! he’s running plays, that hign schools in the Chicago Public league uses. Are offense should much,much better than it is. sometimes we look crisp, then at times we look like were confused. We finally have a QB, who knows how to win, and move the ball down the field. Understand lovie Smith, keep standing on the sideline lookin’ calm, while our offense is blowing opportunities.. and your letting Mr. Turner, bury you! your calling the defense, we have a QB now..whats the problem??? don’t
    make the playoffs this year , i bet you’ll be packing ur things, heading back to Texas!! because you don’t have enough Ba….lls!! to make a the RIGHT choice, knowing your offensive coordinator is setting you up for FAILURE!!!

  4. haha you need to update this now that Ron is working his magic with the Colts.

  5. Carl from Chicago

    Good call!

  6. I cleaned it up a bit more. I like it.

  7. You know, now that I think about it, if the Colts do one day appoint Ron as their OC, that will MORE than make up for that Super Bowl loss.

  8. Isn’t it interesting how a coach from one team just doesn’t seem to “gel” with the team. Or does “gel” for a year or two then starts losing whatever the special something was. The best coaches, regardless of their specialty will usually get snapped up pretty fast. The NFL is definitely a “what have you done for me lately” job market. The Bears have a lot of ups and downs. But I got to say, the days of Ditka (as coach) and crazy Jim McMahon were the best. They were unbeatable back them. Singletary was a mean dude. Nice guy off-field, but nuts in the middle on D.

  9. I hope Lovie Smith has been doing some bodybuilding exercises this summer. I think this is going to be his last chance!

  10. Wow… Didn’t think it could get worse than Angelo. 2012 Bears draft will either go down as worst ever or one of the best (har). No o line , really? Oh my lord…

  11. @James – we know, it is painful.

  12. So tired of the lame $@% offensive game plans the Bears bring week in/week out. Why in the hell can Green bay throw slant after slant and KILL the Bears Tampa 2……and yet, the Pack run a similar scheme (Cover 2) and we don’t have a friggin slant in the playbook!!!????

    Not to mention Elmer Fudd (Tice) over there staring at his play sheet with a blank look EVERY friggin down!! Cutler is constantly BEGGING the sideline for a play……then they barely have time to run it…and ZERO time for Cutler to see the defense and audible….

    I have a lot of respect for Lovie…..but I must admit – he can’t pick an OC to save his life!! Mike Tice????? Really???

  13. Rod Marinelli was good, not sure why you want everyone with the bears fired, who would you like?

  14. Rusty – we are loving our new staff. The theme of the site is Fire (insert Bears coaching staff here) so we have just run with it over many, many years. We started with Ron Turner.

  15. Hey retards, you DO realize that Trestman is responsible for the best offense the Bears have had in 20 years right?

    • Mike from Iowa

      And YOU realize, hkdaddyo, that Trestman is responsible for the worst defense the Bears have had since Wannstedt was coach. That’s nothing to be proud of dumbass.

  16. hkdaddyo – like Dan says above, we are fans, but this is the theme of the site, and we are sticking with it.

  17. I’m from South Philadelphia, and love the Chicago Bears for the past 42 years, the disappointments are painful to me and my son; who also is a die hard fan….we went to the Eagles game and wore our Bears shirts ( #41, and #15) with pride…the Bears showed no fight when they got down 14-0, this bend and no break defense sucks, attack, attack,…freakin attack! that’s Bears football. Fire Tucker, hire Mike Singletary, or go get Wade Phillips, put a defense on the field that gives up 14 to 17 points a game, with this arsenal on offense; next year ….Vince’s trophy is ours man. Trestman needs to get tough…man these guys up, they make enough money to get hollered at and have to take it. Why?…..because they are Chicago Bears, “Restore the Fear in the Bear”. I’m there through wins or losses, I love my team and wear the tattoo on my arm that proves it. Sign Cutler, he needs continuity in a system, Trestman is an offensive Picasso, he has the offense in place, the defense needs to improve now….do what it takes……and Bear Down!

    John Marcelline

  18. Mel tucker, should go first, if emery doesn’t fire this poor excuse for a BEARS, THE CHICAGO F’N BEARS, where the defense is a living legend! !!! To see this bum turn us into a disgrace! !! It’s shameful! !! Why can’t any one in the bears front office see that maybe they don’t got it, and are grasping at air or silly or not are being paid by the garage bay fudge packers to just throw every game they can, P.S. just saw Conte get tossed like a child out of the running backs way, after Conte tried grabbing and not tackle the running back so he got wrecked, why is he even still in the league? ?? Man where are the bears??? WHERE? Tucker should get fired and spit on for his failure! ! Tucker You SUCKKKKK!

  19. As a lifelong Bear fan I have always been optimistic about the teams chances of going all the way year after year, especially this year, with all the additions they made and with the record setting offense returning. But after watching their performance against the Bills, I have to voice my opinion about the cold hard reality of what is wrong with the team. I feel as good as Marc Trestman is with the X’s and O’s of football, he’s not the right head coach for this team. In my opinion he’s too nice of a guy. He always has excuses for what the team did wrong or when asked what went wrong he always answers with , ” I can’t tell you until after I watch the film” etc etc. NO! You don’t need to see the film, you just watched an entire game right in front of you, and your going to tell me that your going to correct the problems by breaking down game film of them getting their asses beat? What this team needs a good ass chewing and be held accountable for what they are or are not doing. PERIOD. When you’re the second highest paid team in professional football then you damn well sure better play like it and there needs to be accountability for what happens out on the field, not excuses. And that has to start with the coaching staff, because if you have noticed, even ex Bears are playing well with their new teams. Which means that the coaches are not putting THESE players in the best possible positions to make the plays they are capable of or supposed to be making. And don’t get me started on Mel Tucker. Why they are still keeping him on the staff and paying him to manage the defense the way it is playing is beyond me. If you change the personnel on your defense but you are still yielding the same results, do you think the problem is with the personnel or with the coaching? I’ll sum it up for you. When you have players like Lance Briggs being excused from practice to oversee the opening of his new restaurant or is purported to be partying the night before a game til 4 A.M. in the morning buying shots for everybody and when you have Martellus Bennett being suspended from slamming a player in practice because he’s passionate about the game and gets suspended and fined, what kind of message does that give? The ’85 Bears had fights amongst themselves almost on a daily basis, and I can’t seem to recall anyone being fined or suspended for it. There are 5 players on the defense who have been pro bowlers, and you still give up 189 yards rushing to the Bills? Not to mention, allow E.J. Manuel of all things, have his best game as a pro and let him beat you in your home opener for a team that has never won at soldier field. It’s time to take the blinders off and say what needs to be said, and the truth is the players need to be held accountable for their actions as football players, this is a business and if you were being paid millions of dollars at your job and you failed assignments time and time again would your bosses make excuses for you or make you accountable for the work your being paid for? Take the blinders off from the optimism we as fans all have believed in time after time and start holding the organization as a whole accountable for the product they are putting out on the field because right now, it’s nothing but an illusion of so called “great ” players on paper.

  20. Jin Miller said it best Cutler is a PEZ dispenser , because he coughs up the ball so much, I think Cutlers new nickname should be JAY PEZ

  21. After last night’s debacle, I’m done. 55 years of the same crap with the Packers. The Bears have provided TWO highlights in FIFTY-FIVE YEARS! 1985, and December 7, 1980. That’s it. Year after year of futility against the Packers. Fire Trestman now. Cut Marshall, he’s obviously tanking it, Sit Briggs, he’s also either hurt or tanking. No more NFL for me. DONE.

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