Predictions for 2018, Khalil Mack and Bears/Slack Open Thread

Well, its been a while since there was a post here due to busy lives.  But its football season and time for the Bears to shine!  Or suck, depending on your point of view.

So, Khalil Mack!  We love this pickup here at Fire Everybody for one simple reason.  We have had so many busts in recent years in the draft that it doesn’t really matter.  Even the BEST NFL teams at drafting only have half of those players on the team after just a few years so why not get a proven talent if you can afford it.

Does this make the Bears a playoff contender?  I do think so.  I had them set at 8-8 this year, but the addition of Mack is a big deal.  Is 10-6 out of the question?

In my opinion, it is all up to our guy tittiess.

If he plays well we will make it.  If not, nope.  And he doesn’t even have to be Aaron Rodgers – all he has to do is NOT LOSE and we will be fine.  I think Mitch will be in a good position to succeed as I don’t think Nagy is as stupid as some of our previous coaches and won’t put tittiess in a position to fail like so many other Bears qbs in the past.

Also, we had a good defense BEFORE the addition of Mack so this will help with things like field position.

Vegas doubts that the Bears are worth a crap with the Packers sitting at 7.5 point favorites, a massive spread in the NFL.

2 responses to “Predictions for 2018, Khalil Mack and Bears/Slack Open Thread

  1. Carl from Chicago

    Maybe the Bears are a new kind of team trying to build through free agency and trading rather than the draft. Ha ha let’s go with that theory for now.

    It comes down to the coaching and the scheme like Dan says. Last year we were running game plans that probably even Gruden was like “that’s old skool”.

    In a lot of ways I’m happy we are giving up on drafting because, aw hell, they’ve been busts. This (useless) holdout by Smith makes him smell like a pre-bust and Floyd and his one hand in a cast is a (further) bad sign. But since it is the new season and all shing and new I am going to be optimistic.

    I will say that I am happy that we threw everything in the trash can and started over, only relying on Trubisky. That’s good. He’s what we build around. MIght as well.

    The NFL is a crazy crapshoot. People talk all the time but no one knows anything.

    I just hope we don’t get over-injured per usual. The Soldier Field turf experience is awful and we are cursed. Hopefully that curse is done and we will just get the league average in injuries. That’s enough.

  2. Gentleman,

    It’s been a long time. I was at the game last night. My first trip to Lambeau was amazing. All of the people I met up there were great and kind. Much better experience than Soldier Field.

    Like yourself, I’ve been busy as well. My site doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as it once did. I think the whole “the blogging thing is dead” over the last several years is catching up. We still get some traffic, but not nearly as much as we use to.

    I hope you guys are both doing well. It’s unfortunate what happened last night. I had the four-hour drive back to DeKalb after and it was extremely disappointing. Matt Nagy is not the answer. With a 3rd and 1 late, all they had to do was give Howard or Cohen the ball. They were getting gains all damn night.

    Nagy was the offensive coordinator for the Chiefs when they blew the 21-3 lead in the playoffs against the Titans last year. He is known for this. As soon as they made the hire, I knew this was going to happen. And I know preseason doesn’t mean anything, but blowing a 24-3 lead in the last one against the Bills was a sign of things to come. On National Television, we as fans were humiliated. This is sad. They only prayer we have is for them to suck ass the next couple of years just like Fox and Trestman to get this clown fired.

    Enough is enough.

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