Free Agency and Draft Open Thread

For all of the hype, both of these events in and of themselves are pretty stupid, but here is an open thread so our tens of readers can talk about all of the great things the Bears did this free agency and draft seasons.

4 responses to “Free Agency and Draft Open Thread

  1. Carl from Chicago

    Looks like we have Allen Robinson. He had a couple of good years then Got injured and was out all of last year.

    I was checking the ol’ Internet and at least it was a good sign that lots of Jasksonville fans thought the team was nuts to let him go and not franchise him.

    The problem with picking up an injured free agent is that the team letting him go knows a heck of a lot more than the team picking him up.

    Hoping for the best on this it was him or Watkins out there so we got him. Sadly our WR corps is so bad a corpse would raise the bar.

    • Dan from Madison

      I will be interested in seeing this contract when it comes out. If we got a good deal like you said, a corpse is better than what we had out there last year.

      • Carl from Chicago

        Bears have been pretty active and they have dumped most of their busted free agents. Hopefully we go after some O line help in the draft since we now have some offensive weapons. Lots of online sources have been praising these offensive upgrades and I am cautiously optimistic. Really since we were starting from the bottom all roads lead upwards.

  2. Carl from Chicago

    Arrgh. I didn’t want to pay that much for Fuller. It seems like over 5 years of watching him (when he even hit the field… he was not hurt and he couldn’t even make our terrible secondary for a while) he had only a few games, and many many games where he creates a highlight film for the opponents’ wide receiver.

    But WTF do I know. Everything is expensive in today’s NFL.

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