Domain Addresses Updated

It seems that football coaches are getting a bit smarter than they used to be.  Probably the first thing a coach does when they start moving up the ranks is buy the domain “Fire(insert name here).com”

So to get to this site directly – it is going to be

Sorry John Fox I gave back the domain but we will still leave the “true” name of the site that way unless I get super industrious and figure out how to change it.

So what points here?

  • FIRERONTURNER.NET – this is a classic and we can’t give it up.  Terrible Ron Turner, with a career of futility who cost the Bears the 2007 Super Bowl, will forever be linked to our lives.  Or at least until the Bears win a Super Bowl in which case maybe we’d forget but that sure seems a long ways away
  • FIRERYANPACE.NET – Ryan wasn’t a coach but still snagged his domain
  • FIREMATTNAGY.NET – Matt Nagy joins the club!  Welcome!  Remember we are die hard Bears fans up in the cheap seats and we want you to succeed.  Sadly, the odds are that you won’t

So there you go.  What is funny is that John Fox’s domain registration was just about to auto renew… but now it’s gone and we have a new victim.


Also since we are talking about boring site stuff they really have a lot of annoying ads on the mobile plan for wordpress.  Maybe if I am feeling up for it I will spring for an ad free site.  It is just the price of a couple cases of watered down beer.

7 responses to “Domain Addresses Updated

  1. Gentleman,

    I have the same issues for my three readers with my site on both the computer and mobile site with ads. It may be worth the money. But with how awful the Bears have been the last couple of years, I’ve seen a dip in site hits. It’s unfortunate.

    I am glad you guys snagged up some domains. I actually think it’s regular folks who know about these situations and decide to buy them and hold it for ransom. Some fan may be willing to pay up for the domain that’s for sale.

    We shall see what happens with Matt Nagy. I knew it was going to be a disaster with Fox from the start. Am I a bit more optimistic with Nagy? Possibly. But, I was more excited for Trestman and we all know how that turned out.

    Carl, I pray things are good for you up in Washington (if you’re still up there) and likewise for Dan in Madison. This was the first season since I started going to games many years ago that I didn’t attend any games. I knew it was going to be ugly and I didn’t want to waste my time nor money. We all know it’s win the Super Bowl or the season is a failure.

  2. Carl from Chicago

    Hey Fro Dog great to hear from you. I am in Oregon actually. Thanks for continuing to hold out for excellence in Chicago sports, even though as we all know, the effort is mostly futile. If you want to go to a game some time we can try to hook you up with tickets.

    • My bad. I remember you being in the Northwest and I kept thinking Washington (must be all of the bongs that I am surrounded by). It’s all good though.

      I always appreciate the offers and know you two have always helped me with parking passes and tailgate food when we meet up. Maybe I will go to a game early in the season next year just to meet up with you guys again. It’s always fun.

  3. Dan from Madison

    Can’t we re-direct all of this to

  4. Carl from Chicago

    I will look into that as a project. Not sure.

  5. Carl from Chicago

    Alright. I paid them $48 / year to buy the site and changed the main name to

    We probably will lose some “followers” with this change but who cares

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