Bears vs. Browns

Ho Ho Ho!  And what a Christmas present for the Bears faithful to be able to see this game on Christmas Eve.  Don’t worry everyone, the season is almost over and we will be able to start working on the new masthead for this site.

One response to “Bears vs. Browns

  1. If I made the conscious effort to watch this game, what would I see?

    Two head coaches, one a Rooney-rule hire gone forever sideways (Hue Jackson) and the other a hapless has-been (John Fox actually took TWO teams to the Super Bowl? Are you sure?), staring lifelessly onto the playing field as their charges bumble-fuck their way through one more game?

    Players from two of the worst rosters in the NFL…blank stars into the void, not having a fucking clue of what’s going on, or what to do (about ANYTHING?) ?

    Dropped passes, stupid penalties, broken players, the injury cart being used twice a quarter?

    A few choice shots of Virginia McCaskey pretending to watch the team she’s owned for 40 years without having made a significant contribution to the team or the game of football, while really waiting for God?

    IRT the masthead: Can you put FIRE ALL THE MOTHERFUCKERS on it without getting into trouble?

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