Bears vs. Lions

The rare Saturday game has the Bears facing the Lions.  WHY are we starting to win games now that it is 100% to our detriment?!  We need to tank!

On the other hand, Grabowski is getting some good playing time in and is improving by the game.  I think the early returns show that he will be solid.  Thank god.

5 responses to “Bears vs. Lions

  1. Gents, I must respectfully disagree with the Bears needing to tank.

    First, after these last two drafts, and especially after last year/s pretzel-twisting to get Trubisky, I don’t trust this franchise (looking at YOU, Mr. Pace) to do anything with that first round draft pick. The Bears know they need receivers (WR and TE) and d-backs (CB and S), but whether they will draft any of them is another matter altogether.

    Second, the young guns on the roster need every bit of player development that they can get. I don’t expect the current mob of coaches to survive after next January, but if winning games helps this bunch take a positive step forward, than so be it.

    • Dude. We. Need. To. Lose.

      • Mission accomplished. Here’s the standings with two games left this week:

        32) Browns 0-14

        31) Giants 2-12

        30) Colts 3-11

        t29) Bears/Texans/49ers at 4-10

        Bears host the Browns next week, Texans end the season at Indy.

        If “the chalk” stands up the next two weeks, I don’t see the Bears getting a top 5 pick.


  2. Gee, I wonder if Roger Goddell, new contract and all, has taken a look at the injury carnage from Thursday Night Football and is re-thinking the concept. At this point, only Thanksgiving and the second or third Saturday in December should be the only deviations from the Sunday and Monday NFL schedule.

    (Why is my Apple auto-correct spelling his last name as “Goddess?”)

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