Bears vs. Niners

The season grinds on with the game of the week at Soldier Field today. Word has it that the Giants coach will be canned this week and Fox can’t be far behind.

Believe it or not, mathematically the Bears can still make the playoffs.

It will be interesting to see Garoppalo out there today as well. Let’s just keep Mitch upright that is all I care about. Oh that, and we need to lose.

This time of year with no hope, winning is for losers. Draft position is king.

3 responses to “Bears vs. Niners

  1. Carl from Chicago

    The Bears have always made themselves look better through “garbage time”. Even though we sat through the miserable losses usually some late comebacks that didn’t materialize made the score seem better than the actual debacle we lived through.

    This is the season version of “garbage time”. Now they probably will win a few games so we don’t look like a 3-13 team. Yes it is terrible for draft position but we can’t help ourselves. They won’t let the team hit rock bottom just want to be bad enough to not get the compelling pick.

  2. It’s early in the 4thQ and the Niners have a 32-15 lead in possession minutes, which means the Niners are moving the ball but getting FGs. The Bears aren’t doing shit. Watch the bears lose this game w/o giving up a single TD. I can see it happening.

  3. I just wanted to let everyone know that I hate this fucking team. From the owners, to management and down to the players, coaches and even trainers. They all fucking suck and all contribute to the lousyness that this franchise gives us every year. If it isn’t the defense sucking ass, it’s the offense. Other times, it’s both. I know the coaches aren’t out there failing to cover receivers when it’s 3rd and 20. But damn. They have a part in this too. Fuck them all.

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