Halfway Point

Well, the Bears have a week off and we are halfway through the season, so it is probably a good time to see what we have cooking so far this year at Halas Hall.

Our defense is, well, improving.  You can certainly see a sense of urgency in the play of Kyle Fuller since this is his contract year.  The line is stout with Hicks leading the way and overall, we seem to be more aggressive and hard hitting.  The loss of Freeman for a while due to his PED bust hurts but honestly we aren’t likely going anywhere soon so in the big picture, who cares.  I am happy to see improvement in any fashion and I don’t think I would get too many arguments on this point.  Elite, no.  Improved, yes.

On offense it has been interesting to see Tittiesss start out this year.  He is making some rookie mistakes, but that is expected.  He does make some great throws and it is cool to see what a fresh arm can do.  The problem is that his line is so bad that he only has one second to work with most of the time and then he is under duress.  A rookie under duress = mistakes.  But he will learn.  The early take I have is that he will be just fine, if we don’t get him killed.

Grabowski has NOBODY to throw the ball to.  I don’t think it will be any secret that the Bears will be using several picks in the next draft on WR’s.  And our O line is, typically, terrible.  Boy do we have running back covered though.  Howard and Cohen are a fantastic tandem.

Special teams have been very Un-special, with several gaffes that have cost us points.  I assume our special teams coach will be looking for work after this year.

Speaking of people getting fired, barring some miraculous finish, I am going to assume Fox and Friends are dead men walking – well, at least Fox himself.  I have a feeling this has all been set up by Pace so he keeps his job (look at our improvement, George, if I just had a real coach blah blah).  But what do I know.  At 3-5 we are sitting better than I thought we would be at this point and if we finish at 7-9 or 8-8, who knows, they might give everyone another shot.

I believe that although we still have so much work to to, that the overall trend is UP, which is refreshing from past years where we all knew what was going to happen every single game.

4 responses to “Halfway Point

  1. Carl from Chicago

    The games have been better and more competitive. I am laughing because a lot of people (analysts) thought the Bears had an above average O line coming into the year and we are putrid and like you said Trubisky has like one second to get rid of the ball. God bless our running backs for somehow making gains with little help up front.

    I do like the fact that it isn’t a guaranteed 3 and out on offense or a putrid play by Giraffe Neck every time we turn on the TV.

    Man we likely have one of the worst receiving corps ever to play in the game. That would be a topic for sad analysis. If they rated skills above replacement players we would be zero. All we have is (sad) replacement players.

  2. I honestly expected this team to be neck-and-neck with Cleveland and Frisco for the 0-16 First Overall Pick Sack Race. This team is not THAT bad, merely a reflection of their head coach.

    If memory serves me right Trubisky is one of 14 rookies starting and one of 21 overall on the roster (or who have played this season). If that is so, WTF is John Fox doing to develop any of them? I know that a ground game is an important thing to have, but FOUR FOR SEVEN PASSING? Dafuck?

    John Fox is on the home stretch of his NFL head coaching career. If he can’t get desperate enough to build this team into a winner, or even attempt to save his job, just get rid of him already.

    And Holy Lord yes do we need to draft some wideouts in the next draft.

  3. fire fox. his dream is to win by a field goal in overtime. runrunsackpunt all first half wont cut it

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