OTC on the Bears’ offseason

We love “over the cap” – a web site that attempts to explain how NFL teams operate and how they leverage the economics of NFL contracts to construct teams and increase (or not) their chances of success.  It is also ironic that the main guy running the site is a Jets fan because the Jets generally fail to take his advice and do everything wrong.

In a disturbing but seemingly accurate summary of the Bears’ offseason and turnover on their roster…

19. Bears

Snaps Lost Quality Snaps Lost Quality ST Lost Avg. APY Lost Avg. Rank
22.3% 14.3% 9.8% $2,622,083 17.5

This has to qualify as one of the oddest offseasons of all time.  The Bears were relatively average in their turnover despite having a terrible team last season and went out and signed an expensive free agent quarterback and drafted a top QB but sold off their best receiver.  This has all the makings of a front office giving a head coach enough rope to hang himself so that their hands are clean when they fire him next season. When final rosters are set and we revisit the snaps gained and lost I expect everything to cancel out except for Glennon. If Glennon fails expect wholesale changes in 2018 with Fox being the fall guy for 2017. I don’t know if that’s the way to run the team or not.

It is hard for me to improve on that, especially

I don’t know if that’s the way to run the team or not

2 responses to “OTC on the Bears’ offseason

  1. Dan from Madison

    It is truly bizarre. I don’t know what the plan is, but paying Glennon a ton then drafting Grabowski and guaranteeing him a ton is weird. I just wonder what the PLAN is. It never appears that there is any coherent plan. I get that the Bears had to get younger and this they have done, but what now? It is like the old joke about how to be successful in business:
    1. Come up with idea
    2. ??
    3. Make money

  2. 1) Steal underpants

    2) ???

    3) Profit!

    “…expect wholesale changes…” The only reason Fox won’t be fired at midseason is that the Bears don’t have anybody on the coaching staff that can act as a competent interim coach. For producing one of the three worst rosters in the NFL two years running, Ryan Pace should be out the door about ten minutes after Fox goes on Black Monday,

    …and then what? George McCaskey is, what, in his seventies right now? He’s had Teddy-bear on the payroll for thirty years, and he knows nothing about football. Ginny’s not gonna change, she’s just waiting for God at this point. George isn’t going to change, and none of Ginny’s brood knows shit about football (see George’s other worthless brother who tried to run the team).

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