Things, For The Most Part, Stay Intact

I have watched a few bits and pieces of the end of season pressers today and have read some things (I plan on watching the full pressers later). Nobody is making excuses for that shitshow of a season, but everyone also seems positive, which surprised me a bit. Well, good for them, I guess.

Also surprising to me was the fact that it doesn’t appear, at least as of this writing, that anyone major as far as coaches and front office will be leaving Halas Hall anytime soon (subject to change without notice). This tells me that George has confidence in the plan (whatever it is) and the people.

I wish I had more to add, but I really don’t. For now, the masthead stays intact. We will see what Pace/Fox have up their sleeves when free agency starts. I may add another post or two after I carve out some time to watch the full pressers.

3 responses to “Things, For The Most Part, Stay Intact

  1. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “There are no bad regiments, only bad colonels.” If he were the commissioner of the NFL (would we ever be so lucky), Ma Fratelli McCaskey and about seven other owners would be turning in their keys to Halas Hall or wherever the other seven assholes rule the roost.

    The Bears can’t draft players to fit their needs. The coaches can’t train them to their basic jobs. The trainers can’t keep them healthy. The free agents were worthless. The draft picks were first year busts. Nobody in this organization knows how to scout players or train them to be NFL football players.

    Some idiots wrote a ten page bullshit propaganda asking if the NFL was alright. If they wanted to know what is really wrong with the NFL, they just needed to spend a week around Soldier Field this season.


  2. “Some idiots wrote a ten page bullshit propaganda…” piece in Sports Illustrated.

    So frustrated I can’t even think.

    • Dan from Madison

      As far as ownership goes, the McCaskeys spend loads of money so I don’t see that as a real issue. We will see in this off season for sure – we are in the top 5 in cap space so there is room to shop. I just hope they don’t give a bunch of old guys terrible contracts.

      I don’t understand why Ted Phillips is still the President. In what world is he successful?

      Pace’s drafts from me get an “incomplete”. White has been an epic bust, but we do have some good young guys that have and will continue to contribute so to me the jury is still out.

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